Audi RS5 attempted theft...

Craig Bennett

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Hi everyone,

Just joined on here today. I'm in need of some advice re my 2011 RS5. Last night it would appear some dear person or persons tried to steal it without success. No damage so I presume they scanned the key or something similar. The car wont respond to the key now and basically its pretty much dead apart from being able to lock it with the key. Try to start it and all you can hear is what sounds like a relay clicking. I noticed they removed the right cover in the boot with the relays. nothing seems to have been removed.

I've tried every electrician today with no joy. Stafford Audi no joy, and Audi Assist are part of AA or RAC so they don't have Audi techs on all day apparently. I'm a little stuck right now and any help would really be appreciated. Had the car two weeks after my S5. I knew that it might be a risk but its causing me a right headache to try and resolve.

Evil Derboy

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You need to get it into Audi and leave it with them to find the faults mate. You’ve tried everything else.

Sounds like a battery issue but I’m assuming you’ve already checked that and so will everyone else.