B8 Audi RS4 Headlight colour at night

Ryan Holton

New Member
Hi, I'm considering purchasing a B8 Audi RS4, ideally a 2013 model, and I know this is going to sound a little strange, but I've previously owned a 2015 VW Golf GTI and enjoyed the "white" almost "blueish" headlights, my current car, a 2011 Range Rover Sport HSE does indeed have this colour temperature of headlight, but after about 2-3 minutes, the lights warm up and go to almost a yellowish colour.

I'm living in the UK, but it would be interesting to know whether there's any difference in the US models, I can't find any photos online, but would love if someone could start up their Audi B8 RS4 at night and leave it running for a minute or two and attach some photos from a driver's perspective of what they look like when shining out onto the road/wall so I can see!