Audi RS4 Electric steering noise wheel/column help b8


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Recently picked up a new rs4 and ever since using it there is a constant high pitch drone/whine from the steering wheel. At first thought it was the speakers but its not. On startup the whine is very loud then goes down to an annoying drone, the wheel does not to have to be turning for the noise to sound. Its can be droned out with music playing but with music off its antagonising.

Went to the audi dealer and they said yes they can hear it. I heard a used rs4 and the noise was not there, and I heard another new one and the noise was there. I asked them to replace the steering column or try to fix it however they did not warrant it necessary. They did nothing and stated that its a characteristic of the car....

My question is, does anyone else have this issue and what can I do? As i find it quite hard to believe that on a car of this price that there is a constant whining noise from the electric steering.

Thank you in advance.