Audi rejected a request of full refund or compensation


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Jan 23, 2023
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My car has undergone a series of repairs last year and it all started within less than a year of purchase. The issue was with the steering wheel creaking noise coming from the upper side of the steering column. I have raised a complaint with Audi UK as well but they sent the query back to the dealership which is a franchise. Here is what's been done to it all on separate occasions:
1st attempt: no diagnosis
2nd attempt: steering shaft repositioned
3rd attempt: steering shaft replaced
4th attempt: slip ring replaced
5th attempt: steering column and the rear differential replaced
6th attempt: steering column cowling repositioned
Above all covered under warranty.
I have been let down on so many occasions.

Customer services:
  • Been told twice on different occasions the by Head of Business to go somewhere else
  • Turned up for the MOT and was told the machine’s not working was sent back home after 2 months of waiting
  • Had an appointment booked with a courtesy car and was told to re-book the appointment as there was no cars available. I refused to leave until I was given a car. This caused me a lot of stress.
  • All of the above has caused me stress. I have been damaged morally, mentally, and financially.
Please if anyone had any experience such as mine, could you advise what I'm entitled to?

I have lost faith in Audi. They've rejected a full refund request or the costs of how much the car costs now instead they offered £250 goodwill gesture.
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Jan 14, 2008
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Do you have a video of the said noises?


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May 26, 2003
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What car is it? How old was it, and how many miles had it done when you acquired it? Did you buy it outright or on a finance deal? How long have you had the car? All of this information will help people help you.


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Nov 21, 2013
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Did you have the car from new?. If you are having it MOT'd then I take it that it's over 3 years old. The problem as I understand it from your description is a creak from the steering wheel. The car has not broken down and stranded you, It's not dangerous , the garage appear to have made several attemps to resolve the issue spending what appears to be quite a lot of money to resolve this.
What is the car model? . As stated above be interested to see a video of the noise. How many miles have you done in the car since you have owned this.