Audi R8 V10 Spyder roof conundrum


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I have gone and bought an R8 Spyder with a host of problems.... what Spyder hasn't I hear you say.
First off the blocks is the roof issue. So the roof opens all the way through every sequence until the last phase when the cover should go down. I can put this down manually, and I keep a little ratchet spanner handy to tighten a couple of bolts under the engine lid... and it locks into position, no warning lights about the roof...nada. The strange thing is, that in reverse it goes through the entire closing sequence, no problem!... even to the point of pressing the close button back and forth from fully closed to the cover opening a bit and closing down again i.e. it does the exact thing it should do for the opening sequence. If I am closing the roof and I wait until the cover goes back to where the sidey flaps start to twizzle in, that is when it won't go back down ( e.g. if I suddenly decided I wanted the roof open after all after the lid opened) if you would.
Have I just confused everyone now or does that make sense?
I had a guy from Audi run a diagnostic and no problems come up with the roof?.... about a million other issues but no roof problem!
No cash to spend on £150per hr bill with Audi and everyone else is stumped mechanic-wise...
Am I left forever carrying a 15mm ratchet spanner around or can someone help