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Audi R8 by mbDESIGN

mark0006 Jul 25, 2014

  1. mark0006

    mark0006 Registered User

    Looks like its ready for battle. What do you guys think about the wheels they used? They look a bit too simple.



    from the article:
    Car wrapping is definitely THE discovery of the past years that accounts for a true revolution in the tuning scene. No more expensive painting but a mere endless array of colors, samples, surfaces and design options to choose from. It’s all a freaky affair with this Audi R8 at mbDESIGN because it was here that the agency “raum22” performed a full wrapping in the design of the F16 Arctic Aggressor fighter jet.

    10 pictures and video full article

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  3. SBM

    SBM Registered User

    Hmmm - I'm not sure about the wheels, but if the idea (to coincide with the camo) was to have them inconspicuous then they are! Either way though the yellow&Black tape type stuff on the wing mirrors is an absolute shocker!

    Nice to see it's a V8... still love these :rock:

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