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Audi Quattro 1983 Engine And Gear Box

Stewart Beck Jan 29, 2019

  1. Stewart Beck

    Stewart Beck New Member

    Hello everyone,
    I did a contract a few years ago for Auto-Trader, we got the option to rewire 6 vehicles so they connected to 240 volts so all the electric to the cars still worked, we completed this under the agreement that we got to keep all the engines and gear boxes from the vehicle listed in there office, one off those engines and gear boxes were from there Audi Quattro 1983 registration D560 YPJ its a B2 spec and the engine number is WR 007 546 - 035103373AD. I'm not advertising this engine and gear box anywhere else at the moment, id rather sell it to someone who will use it to restore an Audi or keep one running. I'm happy for anyone to come and look at the engine as long as you let me know, any day including Saturday and Sunday. If you also wish to contact me privately for any reason you can email direct on stewart@pro-tecuk.com

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  3. b2

    b2 Member

    That's the old 2.2 5 cylinder turbo engine fitted to the 80 Quattro's

    Post it on classic-audi forum if you need to get rid, I am sure someone will snap that up pronto, with a little bit of tlc that's worth a few hundred quid easily.

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