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Audi Q5 New Car Detail

FranA3 Jun 29, 2017

  1. FranA3

    FranA3 FMDETAILING Site Sponsor Gold Supporter

    On tuesday 27th June I carried out a new car detail on this stunning Q5 S-Line after a recommendation from another client after doing a new car detail on his S5 sportback recently.

    First thing was the alloy wheels with valetpro Bilberry wheel cleaner before the snowfoam blanket to remove the loose contamination, once rinsed of the snowfoam and shampoo suds the exterior was dried with soft microfibre towels.

    To check for safe polishing levels of paint depth a multiple point check was carried out.

    After trying a few different combos the right one was a Meguairs Microfibre cutting pad with Carpro Essence on the Rupes Bigfoot21, several passes to get the paint to around 75% - 80% defect free. Once the full car was polished and looking great Max Protect UNC-R Pro Elite Rubber membrane coating was applied to the coachwork, UGC Pro for the glazing, V2 for the alloy wheels.

    The tyres were dressed with Gyeon Q2 Tyre.

    Once the exterior was completed the inside was tackled, the whole interior was vacuumed before having some protection applied in the form of Gtechniq i1 Smart Fabric & Leather Guard Bio.

    Some photos from the detail.

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  3. christuffley

    christuffley Registered User

    As I said a sterling job done by Fran

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