Q2 Audi Q2 Wireless Charging OEM Retrofit - Help


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Hi all,

Bought my new Audi Q2 SLine in 2018 which I have been loving ever since, however, I really regret not choosing the technology pack which included wireless charging in the armrest.

So I started to gather all the information I could about adding this myself and at least on paper it looks like a fairly straightforward retrofit - I am not scared to tinker and have performed retrofits on my previous car (Audi A3).

So the charging module is part number 81A035502, and the new armrest container I think it's 81A863300A (it's this the same for LHD and RHD? - I am getting conflicting information from sellers). Any ideas on:

1. How to remove the old armrest container?
2. Is the new armrest container different for LHD and RHD?
3. Wiring instructions? part number for the cable harness?
4. VCDS coding?

Once completed I would be very happy to post a detailed how-to guide with photos so to help others in the future.

Any little/big help would be gratefully received!



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This is what I have so far for anyone who also wants to give it a go:

Wireless Charging + Amplifier Module - 81A 035 502
Armrest Container - 81A 863 300 A (or 81A 863 300), the "A" version is a slightly upgraded version with indentations on the sides so to make it easier to pick up the phone when laid flat.

All the Audi Q2's have the required modules to make this work, so should be a "plug and play" retrofit. Though if you also want to make the signal amplifier work you will need to install the 2-Way Signal Amplifier module (4M0 035 456 A) and connect it to power and to the the back of wireless charger.

So the wireless charger has six pins (a wiring harness can be bought from eBay or Aliexpress quite cheaply) - two pins connect to power, two to the back of the MMI, one to the BCM (Body Control Unit) and one is unused.

Pin 1 to permanent live in your fuse box (like for example in location F39)
Pin 4 to ground.
Pin 2 to pin 5 (green connector) at the back of the MMI
Pin 3 to pin 11 (green connector) at the back of the MMI
Pin 5 to pin 14 (C connector) of the BCM

Though people claim that it works perfectly without having to connect Pin 5 to the BCM (making the job simpler) - though I wonder what this module and pin does?

Once all connected, turn on wireless charging in VCDS in module 5F.

And that's it - I think the hardest part will be to route the cables from the phone box (in the underarm rest) all through the central console, behind the dash and left behind the MMI (and fuse box which is located just next to it).


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Finally managed to get this done in the weekend and all is working perfectly with information displayed in the MMI when you place the phone in the phone container and both MMI and audio warnings about not forgetting to take your phone with you if you turn off the ignition.

So to add to the notes in my first post, all part numbers and pin diagrams worked just fine. To install you need to remove the whole center console which was a bit of a pain but after that it was straight forward including routing the cables to behind the MMI without having to remove the glove compartment. So to remove the center console:
1. From the back seats remove the air vent panel (just pull it out with your hands).
2. Remove four horizontal and four vertical screws and the whole armrest should come off.
3. To the front of the car, near the pedals their is a little tab that you can pull off with a screwdriver and there is another bolt to take off there, and same on the other side.
4. Remove trim where there cigarette lighter is in (and a USB port in some models) - it just pulls off, work around the edges until you can pull it off. Once off disconnect the USB port, the cigarette lighter we will disconnect in step 6. There is another screw to remove hidden behind this panel.
5. Remove the middle of the center console where you have all the MMI controls (video on how to do this -> www.youtube.com/watch?v=O3I8zfydK1g) - unplug all connections, there should be three at the back and two at the front.
6. Once removed you will see the cigarette lighter plug at the bottom which you can unplug to complete release the trim from step 4.
7. Also from here you can also remove the two cables going into your original armrest container (normally audio out and an USB port)
7. Finally remove the last four vertical screws holding the center console in place.
8. And that it's, if you pull the center console up from the back you should have enough room to access the original armrest container and replace with the new phone box (it's held with two screws).
9. Fit new container, route the cables to behind the MMI and put the center console back in place - the rest is just connecting it to the MMI, to live 12V/Earth, and VCDS coding to turn it on.

In the months ahead I am hoping to add a reverse camera, puddle lights, folding mirrors, and maybe electric tailgate - nearly hard to believe that these did not come as standard in a S-Line 2018 model!