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Audi Price Match Servicing

tyr92 Jun 13, 2018

  1. tyr92

    tyr92 Member Team Phantom TDi Audi A3 S tronic DSG


    Has anyone had much luck with Audi Price Match? My local Audi dealer have stated they match, but all the independents around me (based in Cambridge) actually quote more than the main dealer themselves! For example, Audi will charge me £645 for a Cambelt and Water Pump change (inc Labour and VAT), however the best independent quote I've had is £660!

    Annoyingly, I know a couple of places in Yorkshire who are independent who charge £365-390 for this work, but of course they're outside the 5 mile radius JCT600 cover.

    I have the 2.0 Tdi 8V.
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  3. Tej13

    Tej13 Well-Known Member Team Ara Blue Black Edition quattro S3 Saloon S tronic

    I actually found this as well when I was getting my previous S3 serviced for the first time - in the end Audi was actually cheaper or pretty much the same price as most local decent independents!

    Having said that they were very prepared to price match with no real quibbles, and they did price match for me on front brake pads and four tyres later on.

    I was very happy and I always feel more comfortable leaving my car with Audi anyway.
  4. dolo

    dolo Active Member Team Glacier Audi S3 saloon Manual

    I know people on here have had success with the price match but I had no luck at Teesside Audi.
    They wanted a full itemised quotation with the Audi part numbers of the items being used.
    The quote I had was half the price but even though it said that genuine Audi parts would be used they would not accept it.
    And it was only a first service so only oils filters etc
  5. kalniel

    kalniel Active Member

    First ask Audi for quote and part breakdown (eg for oil service).
    Then ask indie for quote with the parts listed by Audi, by email - chances are they will reply to your email which quotes the parts.
    Then forward to the service assistant at Audi who books your Audi in. They'll check and confirm if they will price match.
    I did that, and when putting the car in they had to check again with the manager, but despite looking ashen faced they accepted it. I would have kicked off a fuss if they hadn't though.
  6. tyr92

    tyr92 Member Team Phantom TDi Audi A3 S tronic DSG

    Hmm, I may have to trek across the country at this rate - where I currently am I'm being quoted more by indies than the main dealer :(

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