Audi newbie - Teesside


Would ya look at that!
Hello folks, just bought my first Audi last Saturday then had the misfortune to break my ankle several hours later so it's now sat waiting patiently for me to recover till I can drive it! :sadlike:

Am by no means a petrol head or knowledgeable about cars and have never had what I'd class as a nice motor but always had a soft spot for Audi's (best looking cars on the road for me) and in particular A4 convertibles so this year have treat myself.

Found the forum on google and hope to find some good info for taking care of my new pride n joy in the coming years.

2007 A4 S-Line 2.0 TDi Convertible



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Welcome to the forum Jay all you have to do now is :kissmyrings: to be a full member :happy: