Audi Metro Project (A1 Concept)


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Apr 30, 2007
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Audi's highly anticipated Mini rival, the A1, which will be officially unveiled at the Tokyo motor show next Wednesday (24 October).

It was supposed to be secret until then, but it's been plastered all over the internet for over a day, and we didn't want Autocar readers to miss out.

This concept version is called Metroproject quattro, and uses a hybrid, four-wheel drive powertrain.

Audi intends to put the car into showrooms by 2010. Expect the production car to be almost identical to this concept, with a few changes made to the body for reasons of cost and practicality. The frameless doors and pillarless construction will be replaced by conventional structures, but new design elements such as the clamshell bonnet will appear on the A1.................