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Audi lease & bird poop

audi-you-do Aug 1, 2018

  1. audi-you-do

    audi-you-do New Member

    Hey I have an A4 directly leased from Audi. However recently some bird poop has landed on the paintwork. It wasn't there for long, but has left a marks, and this is in a few areas.

    Does anybody know what audi will be like when it comes to returning the lease? Anything I can do to prevent these marks from appearing? The car didn't have paint protection when delivered,

    Many thanks guys.
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  3. Taxboy

    Taxboy Member

    You can use a decent wax or sealant but there is no guarantee against bird etching. You've done the best by removing them promptly and I found that Meguiars Ultimate Compound took a couple out from my paint quite easily by hand. I have also read that some people have used a hairdryer to take them out but I didn't have the nerve to try this as the marks were close to some plastic components.

    I haven't any experience of returning a lease car and what is acceptable wear and tear I'm afraid

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  4. Evil Derboy

    Evil Derboy Active Member Team Daytona Audi RS5 Owners Group

    There will be no issues with this at end of lease.
  5. audi-you-do

    audi-you-do New Member

    Out of interest, what makes you so confident? I opted out of their paint protection and can see them using that against me,
  6. FaisalJ

    FaisalJ Active Member

    No need to polish - and thus remove some lacquer.

    The marks are NOT etching. They are caused by the lacquer hearing and contracting at a different rate to the surrounding lacquer. To remove, simply warm the area with a hairdryer.

    This has been covered at length over on the detailing world, and one of the detailing manufacturers (possibly autoglym) has done a write up on it.

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  7. Evil Derboy

    Evil Derboy Active Member Team Daytona Audi RS5 Owners Group

    I have leased and returned many cars over the years with varying degrees of damage from scratches to wheel scrapes to small dents. I've modified some and sent them back with some mods still in place and I know what bird lime etching looks like. For one it's easy to sort and secondly the lessor has nothing to do with or any interest in any expensive dealer addon's that you may or may not have bought. When your car goes back, the inspector (usually BCA or Mannheim) won't even know if the car had so called "paint protection" (that's a whole other topic by the way) on it or not.

    Rest easy, my friend, this is a non-issue.
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  8. S32B

    S32B Well-Known Member Audi A5 S tronic Coupe

    I had a clear scab like bird poop mark when I had my black S3, the only thing that got it off was meguiars ultimate compound...brilliant stuff.
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