Audi key cutting


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Hi I recently purchased a flip key fob of Ebay, Took it to local key cutting place who quoted me £5 and said leave it for 10 mins come back, when I returned he said was unable to cut it showed me it and in the 10mins it had only cut into the blade about 3 or 4 mm??

He said had never seen that before and was unsure if it was a dodgy blade or if they had to be cut with a special cutter??

Anyone shed some light on the subject please?

I have just bought another blade but dont want take it to him incase only does same as no one else will touch it if its already been started by someone else



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sure it needs a special tool to get it cutted.
Try another locksmith mate. and 5 is very cheap.
the blade cant be dodgy...dodgy and hard (cant be cutted) doesnt go together.