Audi free MOT? Still exist?


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Hi all,

Does Audi still do the free MOT offer? cannot seem to find it



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Dont think so, sure it was a limited offer a while ago....just give your local a bell and see if they still offer it 'as a mate just had his done for free at another Audi in the country' ;)
think its only when you have a service you pay x amount for the service and it gives a free MOT or something like that


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I had a free MOT but had had a service there. Bit of a bonus really as the service was free as well! :D


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The MOT used to be free regardless of if you were having other work done, but I think it only applied if you had your car dealer serviced. I just had mine done at Watery Lane and they have guarenteed any repairs at the next MOT up to the value of £750.00


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i had 2 done by audi northampton for free, but thats ended, i have my car serviced there every year regardless of the free mot, not that i let them know that, i may just poke them and say weyside are going to MOT my car for free when i take it in there for a service and let them match it, :hi: