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Audi extended warranty - worth it or not?

80211 Oct 10, 2020

  1. 80211

    80211 Registered User

    So I have A6 2.0 Tdi ultra 2017 with 23k miles on it. Three year warranty is coming to an end and got an email from audi for extended warranty.

    The quote is £300 with £250 excess for full cover and £250 with £250 excess for named component cover.

    Having read the policy documents with all the caveats in favour of audi like too many exclusions that leaves me thinking what will and will not be repaired as a lot of consequential damage is not covered if the part isn't under extended warranty.

    I just wanted to hear from folks whether

    a) is named or full cover better if I were to go?
    b) given the mileage of the car and others experience what does usually go wrong with a6 and some example costs.
    c) am I better off just putting money aside than going for this half-baked warranty cover.


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  3. Cantata

    Cantata Registered User

    Who knows what to expect in the way of reliability of any one car.
    But I'm certainly glad I didn't spend money on an extended warranty.
    I have a 2012 3.0Tdi S-Line Avant. I bought it 7 years ago, at 15 months old with 15K miles on it.
    It now has 67K on it - OK I'm retired and I don't use it that much.
    The ONLY thing that has gone wrong with it during that time is the rear wiper motor, which I replaced myself a few months ago with a genuine Valeo unit for £80. Otherwise, it has simply had normal servicing, at the main dealer until 4 years old then at an independant, plus tyres - been unlucky with tyres, found a few nails and screws along the way.
    Fantastic reliability.
  4. k3vkr

    k3vkr Registered User

    I was offered the same and ignored it.
    My car has under 20k on it in 3 years and the only issue ive ever had is the ashtray not retracting on the console which was fixed under warranty.
  5. fatbadger

    fatbadger Registered User

    I took out the Audi extended warranty on my BiTdi Allroad (was 3yrs old, FSH, 40k miles at the time). It was actually cheaper than the aftermarket warranties once you configured equivalent cover. I did wonder whether it was worthwhile but each time I look under the bonnet at the sheer complexity and lack of working room I decided it was.
    Glad I did, as my crankshaft pulley failed on holiday earlier this year.
    Recovered straight to Audi and all sorted (although the parts were on order for 3-4 weeks), they dealt with the warranty directly.
  6. jetty

    jetty Registered User

    Same as you.....but I didn't take out the extended warranty. Having said that, Audi did cover the crankshaft parts and I had to pay for labour which was still over £500.
    My partner has just bought a new Nissan Juke - she had the option to extended the warranty by an extra 2 years. I forced her to pay the £499 which I didn't think was too bad :tearsofjoy:

    Insurance is always a risk - but you'll kick yourself if something fails. Audi's aren't cheap cars to maintain, so all the more reason!
  7. 80211

    80211 Registered User

    Yeah its always a risk. Hard to decide but I am also concerned with caveats in audi extended warranty clauses that only covers half the stuff..

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