Audi Ensurance - Good or bad?


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My wife was driven into the back of by a drunk driver on her way home from work last night (Friday of the bank holiday weekend). Car spun around on a dual carriageway and ended up in the central reservation facing the wrong way. Thankfully no one injured, but very shaken up. Car not driveable and from her description, I think it might be a write off.

We rang Audi ensurance after the incident had been dealt with and cleared by the police. I was disappointed to have them just take the details and say claims handlers only work Monday to Friday 9-5, so we won’t hear anything back until Tuesday after the bank holiday, so no replacement car or contact with our insurer (LV).

Thankfully the Police arranged recovery of the vehicle as it’s not driveable, but this is supposed to be a service that Audi Ensurance deal with too.

Now I’m worried that it will be too long between the accident and when Audi Ensurance will contact our insurer to tell them there’s been an accident (potentially 4 days). Should I just contact LV myself or wait for Audi to do it?

Any advice gratefully received.


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I would contact LV and make them aware of all that happened and see if they can sort out a courtesy car for you.(as I haven't used ensurance they do not sound very good so I would consider giving them a miss ) and ask them for some advice as well and see what they say.
Glad your wife is ok.
keep us informed please .


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Audi Ensurance rang me on the Tuesday morning, only to tell me they couldn’t do anything that LV wouldn’t do. All they offered was to check that LV were going to send it to an Audi approved repairer.

Thankfully LV weren’t worried about me leaving it 4 days to contact them and have dealt with everything very efficiently so far.

RS3 S.

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I have used it with my last car when it was damaged while parked outside my house. Was really good, they sorted everything.