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Audi Ensurance - brilliant free service

sunshinewelly Jan 31, 2019

  1. Paul Golding

    Paul Golding Registered User

    Audi Ensurance will provide you with what looks to be a much nicer car, at a horrific cost...…..to the 3rd party insurer. BUT, having experience of something similar in the past, it'll be you that signs all the rental documents accepting the rental charge etc, so if for any reason it's not 100% accepted by the 3rd party insurer that they're responsible (or their customer is), well, you'll be paying for the £400 per day loan car!

    To be honest, with the last couple of claims I've had (both non-fault, whilst stationary or parked), the 3rd party insurers (LV and Aviva) have been quick to take ownership of the claim. I remember a claim about 10 years ago, the replacement car turned up with a load of documents for me to sign and I saw the load car charge...….some £250 odd, per day! My car just needed a rear bumper and some paint (the damage didn't even mark the tailgate or side panels), yet the repairer had the car for 3 weeks!

    I should add that I assumed "horrific cost" on the first line. But lets face it, when you get a call from "Performance Car Specialists" to arrange your replacement car, it's not going to be cheap. In the recent claim I had, LV just arranged for me to go to the local Enterprise and pick up a 430D at the same cost as a walk in customer would pay i.e. not a lot.

    I think the more people that have their finger in the repair pie, the more the repair will cost and at the end of the day, this is what pushes insurance costs up.
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  3. Gurd.

    Gurd. Registered User

    Can someone confirm Audi Ensurance will still provide a free courtesy car even if you haven't got one included with your regular insurance policy? ( I haven't)


    It does say "at their discretion"

    "Additionally, if you were not at fault and there is a traceable third party motor insurer for the other vehicle(s) involved in the accident, we may at our discretion pay for and supply you with a hire car more suitable for your needs".
  4. Gurd.

    Gurd. Registered User

    By the way it only covers you for 3 years & then you have to register again. The only way you can register is via the website but not working at the time of me posting this thread.

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