Audi Driver's International 2008 - 11th October


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See you peps soon,car looking very clean,i guess i have some competition on the quatty front with 2 others on the stand,its normally all s3's.I too have loaded up the boot with cleaning gear,inc a bucket and a portable pump up sprayer thing in case someone needs it,how sad ,lol.Dont go on detailing world its adictive.


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i wish i was there, the weather is looking really good down with man flu though.


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Got back safely for work guys, and what a nice turn out for, we was on a grass patch, but it was a nice location for us to park, and with the sun beaming, it was getting warmer as the day went on. :cool:
Good to see the usual members again and to meet some new faces, and apologies if I didn't get to say hi to you.
Big thumbs up to Big Andy for taking me our in his All Black S3, and loving the fact an Audi R8 moved over for us to pass out on the track! lol You truly are a nutter behind the wheel mate giving your car everything it could take and not holding back! An Audi R8 could no pull away from Andy's car! and the RS4 brake setup meant we could outbrake the R8 into corners too, but we wasn't allowed to overtake under braking...
I had a single session myself in my own car which was pretty fun also :racer:

Anyways, I better get some work done.

Pics and feedback please. ;)


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Just posted this on the 8P part of the forumn but figure it might be useful to people looking at this thread only:

Just a bit of local information/warnings that people might find useful ahead of tomorrow:

Speed Trap Camera vans.

- The M4 is one of the only stretches of motorway to be allowed permanent patrol and speed checks via police and or civilian manned Camera vans. They are allowed to do this between jcn 14 (Wantage) and 18 (Bath)
- if you are travelling Westbound there is a particularly high risk after about 8 in the morning, believe me i know as I travel up and down this mway and under these bridges 4 - 6 times a week and have the morning in court to prove it!
- although the whole stretch of approx 40 miles is patrolled there are only ever 2 places that the camera vans are seen.
- the first traveling eastbound is between marker posts 141.1 and 142, so I would drop the speed right down after the 139 marker, if you wait until you see the van it will be likely too late as they film from 600meters away and the shape of the road is such that you will not have much more than that by the time they are in sight.
- the other place they stop is between marker posts 149.5 and 150 so again go easy from about 148.

- if you are traveling Eastbound then the risk is much lower but occasionally you will get a van on the bridge of Jcn 18, but this is very rare as it is a busy roundabout and they can't park hear safely in the ice cream van (as I affectionately know them) sometimes you get a patrol car just sat on the grass verge as you come off the jcn.

Anyway hope that's useful to anyone making the trip tomorrow.


wish i had seen this before i went as the scamera van on the bridge may have got me, i was cruising about 80 - 85 when i saw him and the Tom Tom went off, ah well two weeks of waiting


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wish i had seen this before i went as the scamera van on the bridge may have got me, i was cruising about 80 - 85 when i saw him and the Tom Tom went off, ah well two weeks of waiting

I won't get boring and go on about how it all works but if you saw the van you were probabaly filmed as they film all the traffic going through that stretch of motorway for the hour or so the van is there.
It then goes off to a separate individual who's job is a film reader who will have been given different thresholds to take action over,eg under 80 no action, 80 - 95 Conditional offer, 96+ the pleasure of appearing in court.

If you were 80 - 85 you may get lucky, especially if there were other people going through faster or similar speed in a bunch together?

Remember to keep all the envelopes that come over the next 2 weeks, you sounds like you know the 14 day rule but need the envelope as proof of posting/receipt dates.