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Not sure if I have missed the post elsewhere, I did search, but Autometrix Publications have gone into liquidation.
I received the insolvency notice this morning.
They not only published the two magazines but were responsible for GTI International, Audi Driver International and various track days.
This will be a big loss to the VAG community, maybe it has been coming and I have been oblivious to it?

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Yes I got my liquidation/creditors letter on Monday. A real shame and I feel sorry for those who will have lost their jobs as a result.
Must be tough for a small independent publisher these days with so much stuff available immediately via the web, forums and groups.
I remember meeting Paul Harris at my very first Inters at TRL Crowthorne back in 1997 when my Seat Ibiza won its class in the sprint (ok it was the only Seat that ran the sprint!). Sadly the end of an era.

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.............shame, always got the ''GTI'' special every year.