Audi dealership vs tyre specialist for 4 wheel alignment?

A6 Avant

I need to get four wheel alignment done on my A6 Avant as the front tyres are wearing excessively on the inside edges so I'm guessing the camber is out. Does anyone have any experience with getting this done at a dealership vs independent tyre specialist please and which would you recommend? I'm guessing Audi dealerships have Hunter setups or similar like the better tyre places do - will they give you a print out of the before and after readings etc? I'm based in Hertfordshire if anyone has any recommendations.


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I feel ur pain mate , Audi uk seems not to care at all about this recall nightmare they have created, the original recall 42l1 instruction went out without telling the Audi technician to recalibrate the alignment and camera system,

Then they issued an updated the recall to include alignment and calibration about 20th Nov 2021 I believe.

My A6 had the work carried out on the 29th Nov 21 and after talking to the audi dealership that did the recall work they said it hadn’t have alignment after the work but would charge me if I went back in to them ! Absolutely crap service ! the previous owner had the car originally when the recall was done!
I still believe that Audi uk is the same as another company! It takes weeks before any updates would filter down the the shop floor technicians! And if the tech has already carried out hundreds of the same tasks why would he check ! I know it happens in my engineering industry .
First thing is get an independent garage to check alignment! I used Kwik fit as it was free just to have it checked ! I think they charge about £80 to align it, but remember the DAS cameras need to be recalibrated too and kwik fit doesn’t do them ! Since I was trying to get Audi warranty to admit that the car should have the updated recall 42l5 it was booked back it with Audi ! I was so disappointed that Audi uk rejected my claims on the matter ! So in the end it cost me about £295 for alignment and £195 for recalibration of the DAS cameras system. Audi uk did sent me a cheque for the cost of the 4 tyres that had to be replaced because of the tyre wear but wouldn’t admit they were at fault it’s taken me 5 months lol.
the car feels great afterwards