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Audi Dealer Servicing Cost

Neil Woodburn Jun 9, 2018

  1. Neil Woodburn

    Neil Woodburn Registered User

    My A6 Avant has done approx 7k in the year from new so as yet has not entered the bear pit of Audi Service Prices.
    Was looking at an Oil Service - what kind of price range is 'normal' and are bigger city dealers pricer than smaller ones - was even contemplating asking a local dealer in Germany for a price when we go on holiday in July.

    Want to go in with a bit of knowledge before giving them a free cheque book service so what is folks experience.

    Wife has an A1 and part of the deal was a 5 year service plan so never had to 'pay' as yet.
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  3. Shinsplintz 101

    Shinsplintz 101 Registered User

    Would have thought about £250 for a main dealer minor service with oil changed. Any more & they're taking the ****.

    Worthwhile shopping about as my local dealer was recently doing a deal of £500 for a service package - 1 minor & 1 major, to be reclaimed as required. Which for a main dealer is fairly reasonable.
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  4. ross27

    ross27 Registered User

    I believe they are fixed price service costs, based on the engine size. Best trying to get a service pack as mentioned above, can save a couple hundred quid.

    For a 3.0l engine a major service is around £450. I paid £750 for 2 major services from my dealer.
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