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Audi Dealer Complaint - Long but worth the read (I think)

Rocko Apr 15, 2011

  1. Rocko

    Rocko TT 225

    First of, sorry for the sizeable post. I've been a member here for a few years but after this latest hash, I will never buy from Audi again. This all stems around my ownership of my 2010 Audi A5 2.0 TFSI.

    17th June 2010, vehicle collected with 1800 miles.

    ~17th July 2010, on board computer requested an oil fill up. I put this down to an oversight in the dealer final checks and duly refilled the oil.

    However over the following months, I proceeded to refill the oil five more times. That is 6 litres of oil in under 5000 miles.

    A phone call to the dealer later, I was informed that this was completely normal up to 12000-15000 miles.

    October 17th 2010, the vehicle received damage to the driver side mudflap and sideskirt, booked into Audi Belfast for repairs. At the same time I asked them to investigate the oil consumption issue.

    28th October 2010, vehicle left with dealer. Phone call that day informs me that the sideskirt has arrived in damaged and therefore will not be fitted. Also inform me that the oil issue is a concern and they will be keeping the vehicle overnight for tests.

    29th October 2010, dealer informs me that they are concerned with oil consumption issue but deem best way to investigate this is for me to put 600 miles on the car and return. I agree to inform them at 500 miles to have the car booked in.

    15th November 2010, I inform the dealer that 500 miles has been completed and will be leaving the car in on 18th November and enquire about courtesy vehicle. Dealer will "look into this".

    17th November 2010, I again phone dealer to enquire about courtesy car. Unavailable so due to work commitments, I reschedule the car for the 25th November.

    25th November 2010, vehicle left at dealer. Audi driver brings me to work with dealer promising to have courtesy car arranged by end of the day. At 3pm, no contact so I once again call dealer and am told that a vehicle is available and they will send a car to collect me and my fiancee at 5pm. 520pm, no car so I call dealer. Person dealing with my case is unavailable and will return call. 535pm, I call again, still no car to collect us and person dealing with my case is still unavailable. I get speaking to service manager who goes to "hunt him down". 540pm, person returns call. 545pm, taxi arrives to collect us.

    Arrive at dealership to collect a lower spec A4 Avant. Glad to have a courtesy car but was promised a car of equal spec which this is not. No navigation being the main problem. Courtesy car comes with parking ticket and crisps in the centre console and chewed gum in the ashtray, which I clean.

    Further call throughout that week reveal that the tests have not been completed and the car was going to be drive by Audi Mastertech who will monitor oil usage on a daily basis.

    2nd December, A4 Avant is returned and A5 Sportback is provided. Again, very appreciated, but still no nav. Dealer informs me that due to the conditions around the areas where the mastertechs live, they have decided not to give the car to them to put mileage on the clock and will instead be completed by Audi driver in and around Belfast.

    21st December, call from dealer to tell me due to wintry conditions in Belfast, no miles have been put on the car. Fair enough, I would prefer the car not crashed.

    23rd December (AM), call from dealer informing me that they have been unable to complete any tests but if I wanted the car over the Christmas period I could come and collect it. I am promised a call back in a few hours.
    23rd December (PM), I call dealer for update. Person dealing with case not available, will call me back.

    23rd December, an hour later, he finally calls and tells me that the clips have not arrived for the sideskirt so it is still undamaged. Further pressing reveals that they have indeed arrived and the car will be fixed in a few hours. I decline to collect the vehicle as it is approaching rush hour. Car is unavailable for collected 24th December. Dealer agrees to call me 29th December, tomorrow with updates.

    6th January, A5 Sportback returned for B8 S4 with navigation.

    26th January, collect vehicle. It has been fitted with new piston and rings to fix oil consumption issue.

    16th March, oil level at low, but no warning on DIS. Oil refilled at Audi and booked in for following week.

    23rd March, vehicle left at dealers for further oil checks. Audi A6 Allroad supplied as courtesy vehicle. Audi A5 will require further 600 miles to determine problems.

    25th March, service representative calls to inform me that only 500 miles have been completed, further will take place on Monday.

    29th March, service representative calls to inform me that oil consumption is well below minimum levels, car is returned after receiving “Gold Valet”.

    1st April (AM), vehicle collected after being filled with fuel. Due to builders dust covering car in carpark, service representative instruct me to take car to my usual detailer, Audi Belfast will cover costs of cleaning. Upon opening boot later in the day I find a census form, buff headscarf and two dog leads. I am unsure if dogs have been in vehicle, but it would appear strange to have dog leads and no dogs. Items returned to Audi Belfast that afternoon.

    10th April, vehicle is delivered to Envisage Detailing for 6 week enhancement. I receive a phone call from representative asking me to come and look at the car before he does any work.
    Vehicle found to have several deep scratches, badly touched up paint on bonnet and bootlid, strike from buffer through clear coat lacquer, impact marks on rear bumper, vertical scratches on rear bumper, horizontal scratch running length of bootlid. Further inspection reveals alloys have no paint between spokes.

    11th April, I contact Audi Belfast to find out details of work undertaken. I am told by representative that he has checked with the valeting manager and the car was not touched up nor was it machine buffed. I inform him that I am having the vehicle independently checked and will report findings tomorrow.

    12th April, independent paint testing reveals that the car has been buffed on drivers lower quarter panel. Further inspection reveals that not only has it been buffed but it has also been painted. Difference in paint finish, prep marks in paint and readings from either side of vehicle with paint depth gauge are conclusive to the vehicle having been painted. Coupled with fresh deep scratches on the rear bumper and lacquer burn on the passenger side front wheel arch consistent with machine buffing.

    12th April, Audi UK contacted. They advise to contact finance company, which I do. They advise making a complaint of merchandise. Audi UK will speask to Audi Belfast.

    13th April, Service Manager calls to express disappointment that I didnt go straight to him instead of Audi UK. Informs me that the damage occured during refitting of new drivers side skirt as the paint had cracked and "as a car person" I should know this. Tells me service representative was referring to no buffing or painting taking place during last visit to dealer.
    Fact remains, damage occurred and they didnt tell me, I "should have known".

    Assures me nothing underhand was going on. Manager going to speak to sales manager re: returning the vehicle. I tell him what I want, my deposit and my two payments back and I'll draw a line under the whole thing. Will call me tomorrow afternoon. (Despite the whole thing, he seems to be a decent bloke, someone who genuinely gives a wrist exercising).

    14th April, Called me on the way home. Sales manager took from internal emails that I wanted to sell the car to them. I told him that I wanted to return it, get my money back and have the finance cleared.

    He started on about how I had use of the car and he would have to go and have another conversation about a complete return of my deposit, two missed payments and the settlement figure on the finance.

    Service manager calls back, He's just off the phone. He's going to contact Audi today and see what they say about the figure. He said it's highly unlikely that the figure will be the full amount considering I've done ~6500 miles worth of depreciation.

    15th April, Audi Belfast refuse buy back. Only choice is to take goodwill gesture of payments and let them investigate paint issues, or take a good deal on a new car, or formally reject the vehicle. Which I will when my solicitor returns to work on Tuesday.

    So there you go, from new car to heartbreak in 10 months.

    Someone on my local forum made this for me too, would be nice for the UK car community all to have a look at their terrible service and treatment of customers.

    Agnews Audi screwed me | Facebook
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  3. Syvo


    that is a joke m8 you have clearly pointed out that the paint has been defected by audi and they have tried to touch this up with out you knowing, also some of them miles they have put on by testing the car i think the car should recieve a full respray and the engine work should come under warrenty for free or speak with your solicitor and take it court and gt your money plus expenses for time wasted.
  4. Mike B

    Mike B Registered User

    Thats some story and thanks for sharing and I hope you get proper redress.Legal action and publicity may pressure Audi into doing the decent thing.The oil consumption is a warning to all although they do put a guide in the manuals none of our Audis over 10 yrs have ever shown more than neglible usage between services so I would be worried to see an almost new car needing a top up of such size and I am sure it was wrong to call this normal .
  5. JonRola

    JonRola Registered User

    It is now 2011 and Belfast Audi are still ****!
  6. JonRola

    JonRola Registered User

    Your tale of woe regarding Belfast (Isaac Agnew) Audi sounds so familiar as far as their customer service is concerned. They use the word 'professional' so much in their literature and in their replies to any complaints. I think their management must have a book of phrases that they are told to use in any communications with customers. This book must have a different definition of 'professional' than the one you will find in the OED.
    I could say that my atrocious experiences with Belfast Audi are the worst I have ever had with a major approved dealer, but I can't - because they are the only atrocious experiences I have ever had with any approved or non-approved dealer in my 35 years of motoring!
    Audi are great cars and it's a pity that they allow such poor after-market companies to fly their flag.
    Audi UK, wake up and get these problems sorted!!
  7. Rocko

    Rocko TT 225

    They're all about "building relationships" which is why they sent me a solicitors letter yesterday urging caution in what I said about my dealings to other people.

    The letter had some many untruths in it, I suspect the paper was whittled from pinocchios ****.
  8. sub39h

    sub39h Registered User

    in regards to the oil issue, my 2.0T (which granted is the totally different 197bhp version) used about 1 litre of fuel every 1000mi or so. it's settled down A LOT since then, but it's not unheard of.

    in regards to your treatment by the dealer:

    a lot of the mileage that you've done was under instruction from an Audi Master Tech who wanted to investigate the problem at a later date. if you have this in writing, use it against them.

    they've damaged the car and repaired it without your knowledge or consent. if you have this in writing, use it against them

    in my one brief dealing with Audi UK, they seem very reasonable. i'd definitely take it up with them and with consumer direct

    best of luck mate - the only thing i can say tho is that don't be put off by a lousy dealership experience. some dealerships are run by apes who wouldn't be able to tell their ******** from an A5 and treat their customers as if they're doing them a favour by selling them a car. other dealers will bend over backwards to help you. Audi vehicles themselves are some of the best in the world at the minute - my advice would be to find another dealer and start again.
  9. Rocko

    Rocko TT 225

    Audi UK have told me its not down to them now, its between the dealer, the finance company and myself.

    When it comes to being serviced if I am forced to keep it, Ill drive the 40 miles to another dealer rather than deal with them again.
  10. Keeno

    Keeno Spooly Spooly Boosty Boosty!

    It's appaling how standards can vary so much from dealer to dealer. Crawley Audi gave me the best service I've ever had at a dealership, and I only went in for a set of mats...
  11. a3tdi2001

    a3tdi2001 Registered User

    That's probably because you only went in for a set of mats:)
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  13. pi quattro

    pi quattro Registered User

    Mate that sounds like a real horror story, hope they give you your money back and let you walk away. Even if they take off a few hundred quid for the depreciation, id take it and walk.

    Seems that audi make good cars and they have risen in quality and "Status" to be alongside mercedes and BMW but their dealers are still trailing behind.

    Good luck mate
  14. Paul N Ireland

    Paul N Ireland Registered User

    Cutting out all the BS about which standard of loan vehicle you got and them not having satnav ( come on mate, if you dont know your way home by now in Northern Ireland, what hope have you got )
    The above statement would have made me not accept the car after repair. A 2010 A5 getting its engine stripped open for major surgery !!! No thank you
  15. sub39h

    sub39h Registered User

    the OP has definitely got a raw deal, no doubt. but have you ever been in a Mercedes dealership? their service is horrendous
  16. JonRola

    JonRola Registered User

    Paul N Ireland - do you think the only reason for satnav is to find your way home? I'm a retired engineer and my job entailed traveling to all parts of the North - I could have done with satnav then.
    You're right about not accepting the car after repair but it's easy to say and not so easy to do.
    Due to the complications and confusing contractual obligations when buying a car on finance, along with the expertise of 'doublespeak' which service and sales managers seem to be well trained in, you can be made to feel that refusing the car could be detrimental to your bank balance.
    If Audi UK got their act together and stopped letting their 'approved' dealers run 'wild and loose' Audi cars could easily beat Mercs and Beamers in the quality car market. I heard whispers, a while ago, that Porsche is attempting to buy Audi, Bentley, Bugatti and Lamborghini. Woudn't you want to be in this family(?).
    Let's all email Audi UK and tell them what's going on!
  17. JonRola

    JonRola Registered User

    If you are still not getting satisfaction maybe you should mention BBC 'Watchdog' to this dealer. If you did contact 'Watchdog' and they took on your case their researchers would soon track down a legion of people who have suffered shoddy treatment at this dealer's hands.


    BBC - Watchdog
  18. themac

    themac Registered User

    Just as a rider to the above since buying my car new off an Audi dealership in England a couple of years ago and leaving my car in for warranty work related to the car's roof I was informed by staff in the Belfast dealership that they have always gone out of their way to check whether cars NOT sold by them have been tuned in any way. This suggests an element of ****** mindedness to me! (The same dealership as above.) What a shame to let the Audi Brand down so badly!
    Excessive oil consumption
    Last year Audi updated the software, crankcase seal etc because my 2010 car was using excessive amounts of oil. This initially appeared to slow consumption to something like 1 litre per 1900 miles. Since then consumption has become progressively worse with the car, checked yesterday, and using 1 litre per 868miles!
    I have just over 20000 miles on the car which will run out of warranty next September. Does anyone know how much fitting new pistons and rings etc is likely to cost me through an Audi dealer or alternatively via the motor trade if I eventually end up having to pay for it myself?
    If you ended up having to split the engine every 2 or 3 years this would prove to be a rather expensive car to run.
    Thanks in anticipation
  19. dirtymusket1

    dirtymusket1 Registered User

    I recently left my S3 in to Belfast Audi for its 18 month health check and had the check done while i waited.
    1 and a half hours later i was handed the keys back and as i went to get into my car i noticed a dent on the drivers side door that was not there when i handed the keys over. I brought it to the attention of the guy who gave me my keys back and he denied all knowledge and claimed that the dent was there when i left the car in :rage:. As the manager was not in the building and would not be back until Monday i agreed to make contact then.
    There was no dent in my drivers door when i handed the keys over !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Since when has it become part of the Audi difference to put dents in your coustomers cars and then blame them for it ?????

    Im NOT a happy camper !!!!! :rage::rage:

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