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May 1, 2015
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I was at Cheshire oaks today shopping so popped into the audi garage there (being a bit cheeky), to see if they could check if my car was fitted with Bluetooth when it was original sold as I have had some problems getting it to work. Not only did they check it for me but there service advisor came out to my car and tried his best to see if he could get it to work. He wasn't able to get it working but at least he tried for me, audi in Warrington didn't even call me back..!
He said if I don't have any luck with it to bring it back next week and there senior tech would take a look at it for free.

Just a positive post about excellent customer service.
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I've used them and enjoyed good service too. They've always given me the time to come out, look at the car and advise. On a couple of occasions, different cars, a Technician has accompanied me on test drive to diagnose/demonstrate faults. I do give them my business though. Every visit doesn't necessarily end up needing work yet they have always been helpful. :thumbs up:

Sales side experience was poor though... one guy didn't have good product knowledge, giving me a valuation for a completely different model to the one I was presenting for trade in. I sold it for a full £5K more!
To be fair that was about 3yrs ago so with any luck he's moved on.
Main Audi dealer in Limerick here in Ireland is a complete spanner...wouldn't get service like that!

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