Audi Coupe 16v - Cuts out when warm


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May 27, 2008
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Hi guys this is my first post, so hi to all...

I'm posting on behalf of my father this time. He has a 95 (M-Reg) Audi Coupe 2.0 16v.

He currently has a problem where the car will start fine from cold, drive for about 5-10 mins then cut out, once the car has cut out it wont re-start untill cold again.

I've checked the coil for spark - which there is, Unplugged the lambda, then the temp sensor and that didn't work. I've checked for fault codes using a vagcom style software and there was none. Also the fuel pump does prime.

Anyone have any idea what the problem could be?

Thanks in advance.
Yeah, I think the fuel pump is ok. It still primes etc, Although it does sound a little more noisy than normal. I'll check the fuel pressure. Does any one know what the pressure should be?

Did you fix this yet? If not it could be the hall sender in the distributor? These can be 'borderline' ie faulty but still functioning, but the engine bay heat makes them fail when warm
Audi do not sell the hall sender alone, but 'probe distributors'

may be able to help
Hi guys i am posting on behalf of my father. He has a 1991 Audi 80 Sport 2.0.
We could be driving, no problems then the engine would just stop for no reason also when any of the windows are open there is a smell of fumes, don't have a clue where it is coming from had a new exhaust fitted about a month ago and also through gears 1-5 there is a funny noise.:shrug:

If anyone can help thanks.