Audi Coupe 100 S first classic car, what to know?


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Hi, I'm interested in buying a 70s Coupe 100 S. However, I have no experience with classic cars whatsoever. My main car is a 17' A5.

I'm not sure where to buy parts or how to fix. I have no tools and only an outdoor front drive to do any repairs. But I am willing to learn.

Does anyone have any thing I should be aware of before buying a 100 S?



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I called it the Enchanted Coupe. After buying the Audi 100 Coupe S, I called the Audi dealer and asked if they were ready to accept my car. Understandably, encountered a denial with their repair instructions for this model. There are no parts for this car, and the ones they have don't fit, or even the number doesn't fit. The parcel arrives and 90% of the time there is something in the box that is a different size. Not a single part fits. You need a custom job. Better to see the car parts in person and talk to the mechanics in England.