Audi Corrosion Warrenty,ONLY 10YRS!!!!???


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I have a early pre facelift A3 with the normal corrosion around the roof rails (havent checked the bottoms of the doors or anywhere else) but took it to my local main dealer to enquire about getting it done on the 12yr Audi Anti Corrosion Warrenty
They said there should be no problem getting it done under warrenty,took my mileage,chassis number,took pictures and went over the whole car with a paint depth gauge and said i would be contacted within 48hrs to book the car in for the work and to arrange a free courterey car.
Well i heard nothing after a week so called them.they said Audi UK reqired more oics as they wasnt clear enough.i took a day off work to go back to the dealers so they could take more pics the following week,only to get a call from them,just as i was leaving.
What they said was,any Audi made before 1998 is only covered by a 10yr anti corrosion warrenty!!!!!!!!
i have never heard of this before and have read various threads and everyone seems to agree its a 12yr warrenty full stop?????
i have been in contact with Audi UK requesting a copy of this 10yr warrenty cover for cars made before 1998 and have also asked why full details,pics,paint depth etc were all taken from my car and am awaiting a reply from Audi UK

Has anyone ever heard of this so called 10yr warrenty or have any links stating this fact?
Has anyone else been told the same thing?
Any advice or suggestions?


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i requested a copy of the so called 10yr anti corrosion warrenty from Audi UK yesterday so if they can be bothered to return my email and come up with the goods,ill let people know


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yeah,cant find any imfo on the 10yr warrenty anywhere.
still waiting for Audi uk to get back to me with some form of paperwork stating what they have told me as everyone else ive spoken to,seem to think its a 12yr warrenty across the board

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short version
i have 2002 audi with corrosion ,roof rails,rear boot lid,bonnet,rear quarter panel etc
and i went all threw the same thing ,had to go to the dealers,taking pics,depth gauge etc 3 times and play the game they play ,which is try to get rid of u any way they all this cost me £80 in fuel
they have several lines of defence being - complete bul****ters in warranty department,then it moves to the paintshop (kynastons) in my case,more dishonest people full of **** and not up on people skills,this works for audi because u just never want to go to audi or kynastons again
took me 10 months to get 10 hrs remedial work out of them,which took the paint shop a whole month to complete !!
guess what car came back the wrong colour ,roof strips incorrectly fitted,glass was not removed and had extra miles on the clock
audi say this is acceptable
in short i would not ever buy and audi ever again due to poor customer services and poor week cars not good build quality as people are lead to believe
started the claim in december 09 and is still going on todate,
next move is to write or visit audi in germany to hi-light the diseption that goes on amongst audi uk and to get the car looked at in a hope to get it repaired properly over there,if i could name names ,louise herbert 100% dishonest-the whole of kynastons 100% full of ****e
in summary dont get an audi because they will ruin ur life


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