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Audi Connect on Pre-Facelift A3

XPOWER Jun 11, 2017


    XPOWER Registered User

    After using the pre-facelift Audi Connect system for over a year I am still finding it a pain to use.

    I was wondering what are other people’s view of using Audi Connect ?

    Here are my annoyances with the system:-

    I like listening to internet radio. Having to manually connect my iPod Touch (6th generation) to the Wi-Fi every time I switch on the car, as it does not automatically connect. It’s a pain as the Wi-Fi can take a few seconds or up to a few minutes to boot as well as making sure the Audi Connect App is running.

    When the iPod is connected it will just refuse to stream any internet radio stations and will constantly say connecting. Sometimes going to radio and back to media results in it connecting.

    Whilst driving it will just randomly disconnects from the iPod and just says there is no device available. The only way to get it working again is to manually connect to the Wi-Fi again. Which isn’t practical when driving.

    Using Audi Connect App to play music, the album art always appears, but when playing the same song on using the iPod connector the album art is missing even though it is showing on the iPod screen. This isn’t for all songs as some songs does have the album art showing via the iPod connector.

    I’ve noticed that the radio station wunschradio.fm is now playing British adverts at the start of the stream. Other stations I listen to does not have these adverts. It’s a bit annoying when changing between stations and having to listen to the same advert every time.
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    XPOWER Registered User

    Another issue has developed in the last couple of weeks the iPod randomly stating:-
    "No playable files are available.
    Please select content from the media centre."

    The iPod is detected and able to browse all albums and tracks but nothing plays even when selecting tracks manually.

    This is random occurrence with no real way to replicate as sometimes it works and other times it doesn't.

    When I try using the iPod with my mother's Skoda there are no issues even when using the same MMI cable.
    So it seems like an issue with the Audi rather than the iPod.

    XPOWER Registered User

    I took the car to the dealers to have a look at the iPod not playing music.
    They tried an iPhone and it worked fine and ran some diagnostics and nothing came back as a fault.
    So the system was working as it should.
    The dealer recommended resetting the iPod back to factory default as it seemed like a fault on the iPod.

    What I tried was updating the sat-nav map to the latest version.
    Since then it iPod has worked every time when connected via the MMI cable.

    I'm only guessing but the update caused the system to do a full reboot and any cached data to be cleared that might be retained when a specific iPod is connected.

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