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Audi Connect now £££££

L_G Dec 3, 2020

  1. L_G

    L_G Registered User

    I have posted this on the B9 A4 platform forum but thought it would be helpful posting here as well.

    From the contributions on these forums people had been renewing their licences by simply sending an email to Audi as they didn't seem interesting in charging to extend them. Sadly that changed at the beginning of this month as this email as I received yesterday evening.

    Dear Mr. L_G,

    We hope this email finds you well.

    You can renew your Audi connect licenses by visiting the Functions on Demand shop that is in your myAudi application. Please go to your myAudi app, scroll down to where you see the Functions on Demand section and tap to visit the shop. There, you will be able to review your options and renew your Audi connect licenses.

    Please, do not hesitate to contact us for any assistance you may need. We are available 24/7 and can be reached either by calling 0800-2792884, or by contacting this email.

    We wish you safe journeys with your Audi

    A year's subscription to the full package is about £200!

    I will find out in about a fortnight's time if my car can be updated to take the post google earth overlays but if not there seems no reason as why I would want to spend that kind of money.
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  3. Harvey

    Harvey VAG Convert

    Interesting, having just read this I popped onto myAudi & in the Features selection when you now click To shop in Functions on demand the shop is indeed listing the Connect License. My shop view states from £11.50 with no further explanation or cost breakdown/details. Seems those of use with Audi over three years old will soon have to pay.

    I had my connect license extended by my friendly dealer a few weeks ago after requesting it early as my Connect expiry date is 20th Dec 2020. All licenses except Google Earth have updated. My dealer isn't yet aware of the possible MMI update to keep the satellite overlay for cars <2019 with possible compatible hardware. Mines a Dec 2016 S3 FL with MMI Nav Plus so I'm hopeful something can be done to retain the overlay.

  4. L_G

    L_G Registered User

    It seems the change was on 1 December.

    Looking at the shop I get 'connect licence' from £14.50 (which is the monthly charge) and 'remote services' from £4 (again monthly charge)

    Annual costs are £141+37 = £178.
  5. rafletcher

    rafletcher Registered User

    I'm in the same boat with a March '18 S3. Oh, and it's £115.00 for 1 year, not £11.50!

    And, since the MyAudi app knows what my car is, why am I even being offered it? I suppose "all" I'd miss out on is the Google Earth overlay - probably the main reason anyone has the Audi Connect features!
    Last edited: Dec 3, 2020
  6. eribaMotters

    eribaMotters Registered User

    I'm confused. I did not pay for anything over basic spec when I bought the car new. When my March 2019 car was 3 months old it expired so I phoned up and it was renewed for free. A year later I did the same for free.
    My Licence periods show expire 07/2021. It does not list Google Earth but says satellite Maps. I have used this satellite view facility in the past but turned it off as it is not as clear as the road view.

  7. L_G

    L_G Registered User

    Up until last week an email or phone call resulted in the licences being renewed for free, however anybody now trying to do so is directed to their 'webshop' where they can be renewed for a fee.

    I did find the overlay a bit 'fussy' at first but on the occasions that the overlay isn't working the default maps now seem rather uninspiring
  8. Bells

    Bells Registered User

    Glad I got mine renewed for another year last month for free. Doubt I’ll be paying to extend it though to be honest the functionality isn’t really worth the money, Audi connect is a bit overhyped like the fuel prices and Twitter etc if I wanted too I could use my phone to find that out, I’m not paying extra for that :tearsofjoy:
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  9. DescendDescend

    DescendDescend Registered User

    Mine was free for renewal mid Nov.

    On the phone app it says: Connect Extension, Connect Licence, from £11.50. Ditto when on web site. Connect.PNG
  10. -Ju-

    -Ju- Well-Known Member VCDS Map User

    It must be vehicle specific as my RSQ3 has rather limited connect features compared to the newer models and it shows from £4.50.
    Maybe thats whats taken the time for Audi to work out a pricing structure as one price certainly doesn't fit all
  11. L_G

    L_G Registered User

    I wonder what happens if you let the licences expire by going beyond the 'available until' date - is that it and gone forever or is there a different charge??
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  13. Harvey

    Harvey VAG Convert

    Who knows, will the car suddenly shudder to a stop!
  14. glospete

    glospete Registered User

    I am being stupid but I cannot find out how long my Audi Connect licence has to run. I'm sure I've seen it in one of the menus in the past but can I find it now I need to, No! Mine is a PFL A3 and I have the Technology Package High with Audi Connect. I searched on Google and I found an Audi page which says "Go to Audi Connect, then press the right bracket or click the wheel to the right, then select Licence Periods" but that doesn't work for me! Any help would be appreciated. Happy New Year to all on this Forum!
  15. Ormesome

    Ormesome Registered User

    It’s always been a paid for service. You guys in the U.K. have just been able to ring up and get it for free. I paid 250chf i think a year ago and that is for 2yrs access.
  16. Fatbloke

    Fatbloke Registered User

    Just another way for audi to rip everyone off.

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