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Evening all,

Well I collected my A4 Avant, S-Line, 2.0 TFSI on Tuesday. WOW, what a car! The engine is great and my fears about TFSI rather than TDI have been quashed (although the 35mpg is a bit worrying!).

I have been slowly getting to grips with all the tech. I have registered on and have a my audi account, I have the MMI connect app on my iPhone and have been happily sending the following day's destinations to the car in the evening, so I don't have to faff around in the morning. Therefore I know I have set up the app correctly.

I thought I'd go one step further today and try to set up the app to control other aspects of the car (locking/unlocking etc).

I followed the steps on, veryfied my details, and got as far as receiving an email with the following instructions:

Screen Shot 2017-05-05 at 22.21.48.png

Since then I have spent an hour or two scouring through the entire MMI and Audi Connect menus in the car and cannot for the life of me find "Audi Connect User Management" or any other "Key User" setting (or anything remotely similar). In the end I gave up and went for a blast down the country lanes to test out the Matrix LED...... again WOW!

Now I know these services are still in development, but as far as I know they are available on the A5. Perhaps I need to carry out a software update on the MMI? Has anybody else cracked this one?

Also, has anybody else registered with 'Data Inside' and subscribed to a data plan (allowing the creation of a Wifi hotspot in the vehicle for connecting iPads etc to)?

Many thanks, Chris


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Hey, glad you're enjoying the A4! Depending on your driving style etc the MPG should get better. I have the 2.0TFSI 190 too, and get >40mpg average per tank. But that's mainly motorway driving.

For Audi Connect unlock etc. You won't have that option. This is only standard on cars being built from June onwards. The only way you have this feature (which was installed on some very early builds) is if you have the SOS button in the roof console. I was also very disappointed with this. There were many of us on the forums who believed it standard!

Data Inside is rather spendy. It would be more economical to buy your own SIM and put this in the SIM slot in the glovebox if you need that functionality. Bear in mind doing so disables the embedded data SIM, so all the cars data will go over that SIM you install.
It's not much for the car - mine has used ~650MB in 7 months.

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The MMI connect app services are pretty poor, the only one that sounded useful was the lock/unlock, but as said above it's only on MY 18 cars that also have the SOS module as standard (I'm hopeful this might be a plug n play retrofit at some point)
I havent done the bit with the scratch panel code on the key yet, but get access to the following from the app.


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Thanks for the info guys, at least now I can stop wasting time trying to set up something that I don't have!


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I had exactly the same issue over the weekend - I don't get why Audi even bother to give you the key tag though if it's absolutely useless.


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Possibly so you can order a replacement key that records the details of your car usage into it?