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Facelift Audi Connect and Live Traffic Issues

JA_D Jul 26, 2020

  1. JA_D

    JA_D Registered User


    I have a 2020 S4 and have had no issues with traffic, Connect or the App for 4 months until Friday. We are currently down in Devon and after 24 hours or so I got a message on the MMI along the lines of "Data Connection can't be established". Now I don't get traffic in the navigation (says system is currently unavailable), the satellite map doesn't seem to be loading properly, lots of Audi connect options are greyed out and it won't display the licence details (just says offline mode and gives a QR code). Also the App won't update. It looks as though the car has lost connectivity completely but displays either 3G or 2G at the top of the MMI. I know phone signal is bad where I am but not that bad surely.

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  3. cuke2u

    cuke2u Well-Known Member

    The data connection through the built in sim may have lost it's connection to Audi's server. It happens sometimes to us all..

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