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Jul 29, 2005
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Worcester, England
I was at the one in birmingham just up from spag junction of the M6 today as its right next to a site i'm on for work...

Anyway, has anyone bought their car from one of these auctions? All the cars which were practiacally all audis were only 3 years old maximum in very good condition too... Some of the prices they were selling for were amazing.

I know that generally larger engine cars like 7 series beemers are cheap but there was a 4 year old A8 with just under 40K miles which sold for £13500...

Cheap or not? Think its where i might head to buy my next car...

The other thing was, if you buy lets say an 05 plate car will u get the remainder of the warranty?

actually thinking about it, i saw none! although i was there for about an hour so may well have missed any already... there was a lovely dolphin grey RS6 on an 05 plate..mmmm
i've been meaning to go to that for ages sounds like nice cars
Anyone got more info on these auctions. What's the name/location of the auction so I can do a bit more research on how often they're offering so many Audis for bidding?

I don't know about the auction that dgannon69 went to, but the big uk auctioneers are British Car Auctions. They've got loads of sites around the country. Most of the auctions are for cars from Lease companies, so you get a mix of types, but some are from car companies so you only get one maufacturer. Either way you can look to see what is for sale in advance so you know whether to bother going or not.

If you just want audis then VW Financial Services might be the one to go for
For auctions generally, you'll find that in a popular auction cars almost always go for 'book price'. So if you are thinking of buying then find out what that is for the kind of car you are looking for. I found that a ballpark figure for markup at a main dealer is £1,500 and at a normal dealer about half that. You have to way up how much risk you want to take. For example if the car needs a clutch, MAF and 2 tyres that could wipe out all the savings you made plus you have noone to complain to! Other things that make it risky is that you just get told how may stamps there are in the service book but can't actually check it for yourself. So you can't tell if a car is on variable servicing or not, or see if its been done at a main dealer, or tell if it missed a service. You can't also check what power output the engine is, and the badges on the back don't mean that much (important for diesels).

You still get any remaining manufacturers warranty, assuming it has been serviced regularly etc.
Sorry for the late replys guys, i found out last week that this auction is exclusive to audi as are the ones held by BMW and Merc at this place in particular.

This means the only people that can buy cars at these auctions are audi dealerships of Specialist dealers who have been invited...



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