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Is the standard AUdi factory fit bluetooth any good?

I've heard several reports saying it's rubbish as it's only compatible with older generation phones and it keeps dropping out etc.


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I've got it, and I love it - when it works!

To be honest its great most of the time, but occasionally it does drop out. However, I managed to narrow this down to something to do with the phonebook! (there was another thread on here a while back that spoke of this).

To stop it dropping out, I've found that deleting the whole phonebook and then doing a restore from memory stick cures it every time. Bizarre I know, but it has worked every time.

I use the bluetooth every day (many calls every day) and I'd say it drops out about 1 day in 10 - then I have to do the phonebook thingy to get it solid again.

This suggests to me that its something to do with the handsets?

I use both Sony Ericsson K750i and K800i with it so new handsets do work.

Anyone else tried the phonebook erase/restore to cure the dropping out?


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Seems to be a K800i issue with the phonebook, never had a problem with any other phones I have used or tested. I've fitted over 50 OEM BT kits to Audi's and they have all been 100%


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heres the link to the thread in question

I spent ALOT of time sorting mine with inspiration and help thrown in from Craig and it turned out to be a Microsoft Outlook problem nothing to do with the phone or the Audi BT kit.

Since then mine has never dropped conection once. It a great bit of kit.

Its got to be a must have if you have the RNS-E.