Audi badges


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Hello fellas,

Is there any nice way to remove these badges? Thanks in advance!



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I've just done mine to black rings/badges... Easiest way is heat gun if you can get your hands on one, failing that a hair dryer will do. Some bug/tar remover (I used autoglym) to help and plenty of elbow grease to polish off the excess glue.

S3 Rav

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I've done it with wd40, leave to soak in then pour boiling water over it...badges mostly then peel off. Then tar remover for any tougher parts.
Nail varnish remover is also a great way to remove glue. Just ensure that you wipe up all the spills etc. A platic blade is also very useful; search Amazon/ebay. Would link but they don't always function correctly in these threads.

Oh and don't try to combine the hair dryer/heat gun and varnish remover methods (i'm sure you wouldn't!).


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Heat with a hair dryer, use some nylon fishing line in behind the badges, work it from side to side, then tar remover to get rid of the glue.