Facelift Audi Badge and RS3 Badge Sizing - Gloss Black Badges


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You'd never guess, I was snowfoaming her today and don't ask how or why but the lance mustn't have been clipped on properly. It ****** flew off staring at the top of the boot and dented and scratched it. Luckily a friend of mine has his own body shop so he is going to sort it mates rates...
That's bad luck. You must have be seething.


Mythos black RS3 8v FL
I don’t know if you think I’m being sarcastic or not but I’m being serious. Petrol takes glue straight off without damaging any paintwork

Yep it's got a lot of uses!

Going to change my front rings to balck and think I'll leave the rear off all together.


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Apologies for digging up such an old thread.. did anybody manage to find a decent solution for the RS3 badge in black on the front of the car?
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Cheers Phil - did see that earlier but hoping theres a slightly cheaper aftermarket solution floating around somewhere


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You can get the 2 Audi badges and rear RS3 badge cheap elsewhere... haven’t seen the front RS3 badge for sale anywhere else though