Audi B9 S4 Avant rev issue

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Hi Guys

Newbie here

I recently purchased a 2017 S4 Avant, completely love the car, from space, tech to performance. Previous car was a 2016 335d.

however, the issue I’m having is when you plant it (kick down) in gears 1,2,3 let’s say to 3k rpm it will continue to Rev and build speed until about 5/5.5k before it notices I’m off the revs.

my thoughts are this isn’t normal, but wanted to check with other owners before booking it in with Audi. Initial thoughts are a sticky throttle body or some sort of software issue, I.E resetting the gearbox learning. But as a safety pro-caution, i wouldn’t think that it’s a standard thing. It’s caught me out a few times pulling out quickly on round abouts and letting off and it continues to build speed.
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Accelerator pedal maybe needs resetting or changing, that's one thing possibly if it's not recognising you backing of.