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Audi B8 Rs5 Facelift help please

S3Hus Aug 24, 2020

  1. S3Hus

    S3Hus Registered User

    Hello, sorry if this has been posted in the wrong section.
    I'm after some info about facelifting the front end on an RS5 B8 2011 V8 - now i know there is much info of facelifting the non RS- A5 but cannot find the right stuff for the RS5 b8 to B8.5 conversion.

    Am i right in assuming just like the non-RS Model the Arches/Front wings can stay the same and I will need headlights + Brackets, Bonnet and front bumper? - is anything else required? the car already has xenons, also I know I will have to replace the RS middle grill for the facelift grill on the new b8.5 bumper, are the side grills interchangeable from the old RS5 (B8) bumper to the facelifted RS5 (B8.5) bumper? as i have found a decent priced facelift bumper but it does not have the side grills.

    also any other advise for me? the car is going in for a respray as it's had a rubbish job in the past - so am planning to facelift it before getting it in for paint. PS this is my first audi RS! always had beamers M3's 335's etc.. but fell in love with the RS5 ever since they came out!
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  3. Simon

    Simon Registered User

    If it is anything like the non RS it will need the wings changing
  4. S3Hus

    S3Hus Registered User

    I can confirm the wings do not need changing :)

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