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Audi B5 A4 1.8TQ

Daniel Iversen Feb 12, 2017

  1. Daniel Iversen

    Daniel Iversen Member

    I have a B5 A4 1.8T Quattro

    How can i see if my car is with sport or normal shocks?:blackrs4:

    Picture of my car attached.

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  3. Samuel c5 Q

    Samuel c5 Q Active Member Silver Supporter VCDS Map User

    That looks more like se ride height to me than sport. The one sure way to know is get the shocks out or maybe get a wheel off only and obtain a part number from them and google to cross ref what it is designated for, se or sport.

    How can you tell what your model was supposed to be from factory? Is it in the front of the service booklet?

    I heard that the sports were supposed to have slightly different top control arms to the se models. Is this true?
  4. Kingfisher

    Kingfisher Active Member

    If your car is a very late T June /July 1999 or V or W they would officially have been 1.8T quattro Sport.
    I believe all these models had sport suspension( and they were fairly rare - less than a thousand rhd iirc)
    Never heard anything about special top arms, I suspect that's just heresay.

    We had a July 1999, (ordered about six week earlier as soon as they were announced).
    It went much better after chipped to 187 bhp and stopped better with 312 mms A6 front discs and caliper brackets !
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