Audi approved used warranty problems


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Feb 12, 2020
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Good afternoon everyone hope all ok .
Iam just seeing if anyone has had issues with warranty renewal .Mine ran out 22.2 which gives you to 22.3 to renew .Now as everyone Hopefully knows we were advised to stay in doors and NOT drive around in our cars .There was no point me renewing for a car not moving .fast forward and Audi now want 625 up from 285 for all components warranty .despite my best efforts they won't budge and seem to have forgotten we were in lock down with insurance co and banks all helping with insurance holidays .Car mileage has minimal increase since my quote circa 30 miles ..Only concession was if I can prove I sorned the car they will honour original price ...I explained why would I sorn a free car tax car and it needs insurance to cover poss fire and theft .They have no interest in fact mileage hadn't budged much since March .
Would certainly make me think twice about brand loyalty going forward as showed no goodwill in what are unreal circumstances for all .
Any one had similar experiences
To be honest mate they give you a month before until a month after the renewal date to renew and you haven't done it. I dont honestly think they have done anything wrong.
I know if mine had run out, I wouldnt have let it lapse even 1 day over!
Did you get in touch and ask them if the grace period would be extended through lockdown?
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Iam not saying they have done anything wrong and yes I should of rung them up and checked but by looks of it they wouldn't be giving any grace out .
Insurance co ,banks ,and even UK government didn't have to do anything as it was beyond their control . My point was surely it must of crossed their minds no one was supposed to be driving and the fact my declared mileage had barely risen should of prompted at least some goodwill as I wasn't trying to gain a free repair or goodwill towards one.Have they offered any refund to owners who have paid knowing the car has not budged ,like insurance companies have ?
Car companies are going to need all the loyal customer they can muster as we enter their most difficult trading period ever !
Can they justify trebling the price during a crisis?
The winners will be buisnesses who tried to make a difference to their customers.
Probably why Audi are nowhere near the top of customer satisfaction surveys .
Many thanks for your input
All the best .
I can see both sides of this, but unfortunately with any insurance policy, be that home, car or your washing machine, you can guarantee zero flexibility if you have gone past the renewal date or the grace period. You could try putting your complaint in writing as that will require a response rather than the standard answers you get from a call centre. Not sure if they will move, but a letter outlining your reasons why you delayed renewing the policy is worth a try.

Good luck
All Iam trying to do is renew .Iam not trying to claim a repair and have no problems with a month no claims period .It's well documented that many many insurance companies have helped motorists out in this crisis with holidays and partial refund etc .
They have realised that if you are not using your car during lockdown then it's fair to issue partial refunds etc.
My quote went from 285 to 659 despite no difference in mileage .I appreciate you will always get people stating the moral high ground but a bit of understanding from Audi would go a long way .After all Iam trying to buy a product from them and they up to now have shown zero understanding on the reason why I delayed .
The car was sold as approved used by Audi in Feb 19
I have emailed and written but various depts just pass you round in circles probably in hope you give up .
Anyway will probably not bother now and give Audi a wide berth on next car purchase if this is my experience with the " marque " brand .
Thanks for comment.
I appreciate what you are trying to do, and under the circumstances you would hope Audi would give a little, but I guess not! It’s worth looking at alternative insurers such as Motor Easy, as they may be cheaper, and check for discount codes as a few Audi forums list these. And a word of warning with any of these policies, is to check the company is U.K. based. I was in trouble for a few months when the insurance underwriter for my wheel cover, that was based in Gibraltar, went down the pan. Even though the UK based administrator was still in business, they couldn’t do anything until another underwriter agreed to take over the polices, and that took 4 months!

I know you are not happy, but Im sure you will find a solution, and to be honest, once you’ve owned the car a little longer you will find that the Audi brand takes some beating. I’m on my fifth Audi in eight years, and four of them were the A1.

Enjoy the car.
No problems .Iam probably a little older than you and have owned mercs,BMW ,and Porsche's. I just fail to see why Audi are being so difficult .Under current circumstances you would think honouring a quote which was 8 weeks expired with everything going on would of been no problems.
I don't need any warranty work done at this time and agreed to a one month no claim period if it helps but their replies were pretty blunt .
You live and learn I suppose .If you want top class service buy a lexus !!
All the best
Agree, we live and learn, but even so, it’s still annoying.

I won’t mention my age, but I get senior citizen rates at museums and even my barbers, so I’ve owned a fair number of cars over the years!

Enjoy the car.