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AUDI AMI stuck in update loop / disturbs whole communication

castiello Oct 26, 2018

  1. castiello

    castiello Registered User

    Guys, I would like to ask you. I have AMI in my A6 C6.

    How to flash AMI with the latest FW, when it just doesnt appear under SW update menu? It is stuck with some kind of strange flash menu loop, it disturbs even my radio (every few seconds, whole radio or CD stops playing for 1 sec, then continues) whole MMi is slowed down and when i try to switch to ami, it shows that it is stuck in some kind of update loop, showing "software being updated, update interrupted" even if there is nothing connected. When I put real AMI flash on USB, it shows incompatible software. I managed to discover that this message shows up because internal SW is too old. BUT with common update CDs 5150 or 5570 its not in the possible flashable units under the flash selection menu... Also I put GND to pin 4 according to web hints with no change... still it shows up in MMI, it shows up in engineering menu, but is missing in flash units-selection menu and also cannot be reached by VAG...
    Any idea how to fix this? it is 4E0035785 HW09 SW0170 with SW-Date 15.08.06

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