Audi A8 d3 facelift


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hi guys im thinkin about replacing the a4 with an a8 d3 (pre facelift) but wanted to know if anyone had facelifted one thereselves. ive seen the hofele kit but to be honest from looking at the newer shape front end i cant see why the bumper and grill wouldnt fit anyway ???? any opinions folks


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Hi Justin, I've just spotted this post.

You say you're looking at the pre-facelift D3, are you talking the 1st or 2nd facelift?

Early D3's have had problems with the MMI system, so ensure you check everything works before committing to buy one.

As for a DIY facelift, I don't expect there'd be any problems in converting. As you rightly point out there's no reason why they wouldn't fit. I do know that there have been conversions, but I can't find one for the life of me!!!