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Audi A8 2018

Cooper82 Mar 30, 2019

  1. Cooper82

    Cooper82 Active Member

    Hi everyone,
    Looking at purchasing an Audi A8 which is an ex demonstrator. Trying to go ahead tomorrow as the contribution offered expires at the end of the month. I would appreciate any advice/feedback from existing owners. It will be used as a daily drive for 450 miles per week mostly motorway but occasionally through central London.
    Would it be a good daily driver? Should I look for something smaller as it might be difficult to navigate on heavy traffic? I tested one for 24 hours and coming out of an A5 the ride is way more comfortable on the A8.
    Thanks in advance
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  3. Homer Simpson

    Homer Simpson Tiptronic Team V10 Audi S8

    Bit late but I had one of these for around 3 weeks as a courtesy car. Very capable of eating up the miles (I had the petrol 340 bhp) . It was very comfortable as expected from an A8. The gadgets were good (touch screen, AVP, adaptive cruise, head up display etc). They all worked very well. I had it in dynamic most of the time and it wasn't harsh at all. The gearbox is good but coming from a S8 it I found driving it in 'D' a bit laggy so drove it in sport most of the time. Very nice car.
  4. Adam Barton

    Adam Barton New Member


    My A3 was in for a recall the other week. This seemed to cause more faults so, Audi decided they wanted to keep the car for a week and a half. During this time I had a brand new A1 for 1 day, a Brand new Q2 s linefor 1 day. And the for some reason they decided to give 21 year old me an A8 for 6 days. I was given the diesel. And as you said very capable of eating up the miles. Going from my 09 a3 to that beast just blew my mind!

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