Audi a7 s tonic issue. Any help please

Hi everyone. I'm new on here so any help much appriciated. I've been advised to post here as the A7 section is quiet. I have a A7 30l tdi with s tonic transmission. Same as A6.
It a 2011 with 90k 2wd. Not quatro.
When you try to move away from stationary the up take of drive is slow and jerky. It has had the oil changed and no codes or lights in the system. If the vehicle is on an incline it's worse. Once the vehicle is moving, it drives perfect. I spoke to Audi and no outstanding recalls etc. Any one had similar issues. Any remedies/ ideas. Thanks. Rob


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No advice to give (sorry), but as a fellow s stronic owner I'll offer my sympathy. Did this happen after a gearbox service, or have you gone with an oil change since the issue presented?

Mine isn't due a service for some 20k, was tempted to bring that forward for peace of mind ...but I'm slightly nervous of a botched job.

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It was like it b4. But it's getting worse. I wonder if it might be the clutches. Just as a warning the oil is 20 quid a litre and 7 litres. Audi want 300 quid to change. Rob


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Audi do fixed price servicing on the S Tronic for £225......even the Multitronic is only £199

You might want to point then in the direction of their own website!!!!