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Audi A7 LED wing mirror indicator replacement

BIll1962 Jun 7, 2019

  1. BIll1962

    BIll1962 New Member

    Hi guys

    New to the forum and the audi world. Has anyone got the procedure for replacing the led indicator on an A7 mirror. I am reasonably mechanically savvy but I cannot for the life of me get at the LED strip to replace it (already broken the glass). There are a couple of videos on YouTube but I found them no help.
    Any help appreciated as I e been driving around with no indicator and a broken mirror for about a month.

    It’s a 2016 model

    Many thanks
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  3. RAF_S7

    RAF_S7 Well-Known Member Gold Supporter

    It’s actually quite easy, and I’ve had mine off a few times.

    Glass removal is the first step, and is really quite straight forward.

    1. Position the glass so that the mirror is turned in facing the car as far as possible.
    2. Get your fingers around the edge of the mirror.
    3. Pull the glass towards you using reasonable force. It should pop right out of its friction mountings.

    See my post #19 here for further details.

    If the mirror glass is broken up, more care is likely needed to prevent injury, but the (broken) parts should just pull out.

    One caution - if the glass is auto dimming & heated, it’s an extremely £££ purchase from the stealers. Suggest you request a replacement quote from the forum Parts Request. They also come up on eBay quite regularly.
  4. BIll1962

    BIll1962 New Member

    Hi RAF-S7

    Thanks for the quick reply, it’s really appreciated. I had a look at your link however, I can’t see the photos. It would make a big difference if I could see what I was supposed to be doing. Any chance you could post them again? Already broken the mirror, it snapped like a kit Kat.
  5. BIll1962

    BIll1962 New Member

    Got the photos working on the app. Thx

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