Audi A7 3.0 tdi s tronic drive issue

Hi everyone, my first time on here, so, apologies for any mistakes. I have a 2011 A7 3.0L two wheel drive, and I have an issue with the uptake of drive from a stationary position.
There appears to be a slight delay when you press the accelerator to the drive coming in to the transmission.
It is especially bad if you on an incline and try to pull away.
If it was a manual car, it is like you are not bringing your clutch up quick enough.
There also appears to be a judder too.
I have had the oil changed and there are no codes/lights flashing.
Once you are moving, the cars and gears are perfect.
Any ideas. Regards Rob


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Hi Rob,

The A7 forum is quiet at the best of times, so you may get more responses if you post into the A6 C7 area, who have the same drivetrain.