Audi A7 2014 Steering wheel ***Help***


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Hi folks,

Recently bought a 2014 a7 s line quattro, absolutely love it, my first audi after 10 yrs of bmws and mercs ( and wont be going back!!) Anyway - I need some advice please... I really want a flat bottomed steering wheel similar to those that are on the A7s from 66 plate onwards. Ive searched high and low and cant find anywhere .What options do I have? Ideally i want a second hand one - does anyone know the model numbers of other s line flat bottom wheels that could be fitted? Happy to change airbag too if this needs to be done. Thanks for your help! My current wheel pic is attached


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Flat bottom wheels from S/RS6 or S/RS7 will fit your A7, however you will need to also change the airbag as round and FB steering wheels have different airbag mounting solutions. The badge can be changed, so don’t worry too much is it says S6 etc.

The pre and post facelift model (C7/7.5) steering wheels are interchangeable)

If you’re thinking of buying a used airbag from Fleebay, be very wary. Not all airbags are created equally, even if the wheels look similar. You must get the right airbag for the C7/7.5 series.

Good luck :racer: