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Sep 10, 2018
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Hi all, I’ve just registered and I found this site helpful multiple times. I’ve recently bought an Audi A6 SE TDI year 2013(end of the year). I have a problem with the mirrors which is I cannot fold them. I have tried looking in the menu after I have seen some tutorials on the internet but it doesn’t have the option to fold mirrors? Does anyone know what I can do to sort this out because it is quite annoying and I don’t believe that such car wouldn’t have an option as easy as folding the mirros, especially when I paid over £10.000 for it. I will also mention that there are no buttons inside the car either to fold them, so I always have to leave them unfolded. I sincerely hope someone on here can help me out with that.
Now - onto my second question - I am also wondering about the bluetooth. I have connected my phone to it and it allows me to receive and give calls but I cannot seem to find the option to stream music from my phone to the car? When I am connected to the car and I play music from my phone, on my phone it appears as if it is actually playing in the car through the bluetooth but I can’t actually hear it in the car. Is it something that I am doing wrong or are there any other options that I haven’t found yet? If someone could help me out with this as well it would be very appreciated.
Many thanks to everyone and I hope to hear back from someone soon. :)


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Jan 14, 2008
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If you're in the uk & would like folding mirrors fitted, ping me a pm please.