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Audi A6 C7 rear parking sensor Fault

Dan England Feb 20, 2020

  1. Dan England

    Dan England Registered User

    Hi Everyone,
    New Posting on here but im having a problem with my 2014 A6 S-line ultra rear parking sensors.

    They stopped working after i presume someone reversed into me in a car park and drove away as there was small mark on driver side rear bumper and rear parking sensors stopped working.

    Fault i am getting is:
    Supply voltage for park assist sensor Open circuit/short circuit to ground.

    I thought issue might be a damaged sensor from the impact it got, replaced sensor but issue is sill there.
    Checked fuse and this is good.
    All wiring on connectors to sensors look ok, no frayed or damaged wires.
    I get the long beep when put into reverse. Parking aid screen shows and x on rear parking sensors, front sensors are working ok.
    Cannot see any post on here already with similar issue.

    If anyone has experienced an issue like this any help is appreciated.
    Last edited: Feb 20, 2020
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  3. noisy_lightning

    noisy_lightning Registered User

    May be a different one which has died? I tested all mine by putting the car in reverse, licking my finger and touching each one you can feel the ultrasonic pulse on the sensors which work and not on the dead one.

    When I changed my dead one though I had to reset all fault codes for the reverse parking aids to work again.

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  4. mikeav6

    mikeav6 Registered User

    Just resolved my rear parking sensor issue but mine was due to damaged wiring caused by it sitting on the hot exhaust.

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  5. Dan England

    Dan England Registered User

    Thanks for reply ill check theses out and few other things and let ye know the result.
  6. rum4mo

    rum4mo Registered User

    Just in case you get round to digging deeply into this problem, the cable wiring to these parking sensors is as follows:- a common supply is sent out to each sensor daisy chained from one to the other, a common return is sent out to every sensor again daisy chained from one to the other, individual signal lines come back from every sensor, so that cable assembly will have 6 wires in total.

    If you removed the entire cable, ie unplugged from every sensor and the parking controller, you could "buzz it out" and find out where it is has failed and fix it - or just buy in another rear bumper parking cable form. Very each to repair a cable form with the correct tools and material, I retro fitted front parking sensors too my S4 and the Kufatec cableform was not the best made lengths wise, so I staggered some cuts and extended all the cables in two or three places to make it "perfect" fit!
  7. Tom Shorland

    Tom Shorland Registered User

    Hi Dan, did you get this resolved? - believe i'm having the same issue. Thanks
  8. Dan England

    Dan England Registered User

    Hi Tom,
    Yea I got it shorted. I removed bumper and turned out the loom was actually snapped. I ordered up replacement loom and installed and working fine without issue. Was able to install loom and sensors without removing bumper a second time. Any other questions let me know.
  9. gary3306

    gary3306 Registered User Gold Supporter VCDS Map User

    How much was the loom mate. Need one for mine
  10. Dan England

    Dan England Registered User

    I got my one on eBay for 45 euro. Loom is abit longer than original but think this is better because my original seemed to snap under a small bit of strain. Hope this helps.

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