Audi A6 C7 Avant 2.0Ltr TDI Car Juddering between 4-6th gears


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Recently started noticing juddering between 4th and 6th gear during acceleration. No fault codes.
Tyres good, balanced and tracking checked. Engine mounts no issues - any thoughts please.


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Could be the Dual Mass Fly Wheel
Am experiencing exact same fault on my 2013 2.0 tdi. Fault arisen after having new clutch fitted. Independent "specialist changed pressure and friction plate as I had judder on clutch take up. Car had covered 65,000miles. Ok up to 65mph but when accelerating have judder upto 100 mph. Never had this on old clutch, it was smooth as silk upto 100 mph. They checked DMF and said it was fine and didn't need replacing, so any ideas what it could be? The juddering feels like a seized u/j on a prop shaft, showing my age here...