Audi a6 c6 steering wheel 4 spoke to 3 spoke


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I have purchased this steering wheel, 3 spoke from A3 model 2006 and I would like to replace this steering wheel it’s look a little bit different to my original but controllers on the steering wheel are the same is it a case of just swapping them over? Or do I need to do something else on the top of it? Thanks


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There are sleight differences in the wheels only noticeable once the airbag is off - to do with the mounting points.

I would take the airbag off your current wheel and check the mounting points (holes for the bolts) are the same. It’s not a difficult job.

Once you know if it’s the same it’s a simple job - just make sure you mark the spline to show the ‘top’ to ensure it’s straight and get a torque wrench

Here’s an image of when I changed mine on the A4 you can see the mounting holes, on different ones they are different

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So basically I’ve done exactly what you have just said. That was and easy process.
The problem started when I have tried to swap the airbag the existing airbag 4f0 have purple mounting clip the donor steering wheel code 8p0 have orange mounting clip, and did not fit the car. So now I know that I have to find the airbag that have the same wires but the question is… what else must be checked before I purchase another one I know it need to be 3 spoke. Is there any special codes that I need to look after? Please, let me know. Thanks


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Being honest the issue is the steering wheel being from an A3.

I have my original A4 3 spoke steering wheel that You can have for free if it fits - Airbags cost silly money.

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